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The classic look continues with a satin-finished B grade American walnut stock with right-handed cheek piece.

Enhancing the classic look of the stock are cut fleur-de-lis style checkering, period-style white-line spacers on the black fore-end and pistol-grip caps, as well as a black-vented recoil pad.

If they can put a man on the Moon, why can't they put a UNIVAC 1108 in your shirt pocket? Back in the '60s, almost every mainframe computer had its own character code. Programmers of the mainframe era tended to be better typists than those who started with timesharing terminals or personal computers. Because the only way to get your program into the computer was to punch it on cards, and as you discovered within seconds after sitting down at the keypunch, “you can't erase a hole”.

In one's complement, where zero is a to contend with.Printed on heavy cardstock covers and bright white paper, all Gun-Guides are easy to use and comb-bound which lie flat on your work surface.(D&R Guides) These Guides have 16 pages and cover a brief history, disassembly, and reassembly of the firearm.High resolution illustrations and pictures guide you through the entire process.Remington, Colt, Glock, Ruger, Mossberg, Browning and countless other manufacturers are covered.Printed on heavy cardstock covers and bright white paper, all Gun-Guides In 1962, Remington Arms introduced a bolt-action rifle that had an immediate and major impact on the shooting world.

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Programmers of UNIVAC 1100 mainframes in the 1960s through the mid 1970s exalted in discovering clever ways to squeeze the most out of machines which, by today's standards, would be considered hopelessly slow and short of memory.

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